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Herbal Medicine Manufacturer and Supplier

Originally established in the 1980s, Herbal Apothecary has been providing high quality herbal products to practitioners, the trade and the public for over 40 years.

Herbal Apothecary produces one of the largest ranges of practitioner herbal products in the UK. Many of the products developed with practitioners are now available to trade customers and the wider public. We are proud of the fact that we are a family run business wholly committed to the principals of natural medicine.


We seek to produce natural medicines of the highest quality. We invest heavily into scientific research.


We believe that truly sustainable businesses must consider all aspects of their operating processes.


At Herbal Apothecary we’re creating connections between practitioners and consumers, through products and services.

A Long Connection with Natural Medicine

The Fearnley family has been involved with the company since the late 1990s when James Fearnley became a Director. At that time Hugo and Cecily Fearnley used to work in the company during school holidays, earning extra pocket money by bottling tinctures. In 2005 the company was incorporated into Nature’s Laboratory Ltd and moved to its new home on the edge of Whitby, in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. 

Shortly after the move we created a purpose built modern manufacturing site, which was officially opened in 2008 by long time champion of plant medicine, David Bellamy OBE. Since then we have worked hard to expand our range and continually improve our quality and service, whilst remaining competitively priced. Our ethos is driven by our 3 guiding principles of Evidence, Sustainability and Access.

Herbal Apothecary is based in Whitby

Proud to be Based in Whitby

Herbal Apothecary is located in the beautiful seaside town of Whitby, on the North Yorkshire coast. Surrounded by the North York Moors National Park and the North Sea, it’s a rugged and inspiring place to live and work.

Building a Dedicated Team to Drive our Business Forward

The Herbal Apothecary team has grown considerably since the early days. We’re now a strong team with a diverse range of skills and experiences. Alongside our dedicated and experienced manufacturing staff we now have skilled in-house IT expertise along with an enhanced research and product development department. We continue to form strong links with academic partners, ensuring that Herbal Apothecary can continue to be driven by research – providing a rigorous scientific basis for our products.

At Herbal Apothecary we’re working towards a sustainable future for herbal medicine. We’re committed to ensuring that safe and effective herbal medicine is accessible to all who need it.

James Fearnley, CEO
Some of the Herbal Apothecary Team

Partnering with Other Organisations

At Herbal Apothecary we’re proud to partner with organisations who are also working to promote the use of herbal medicine. Below are just a couple of the organisations we work with.

The Herb Society

In 1927 Hilda Leyel founded the Society of Herbalists, which would later become the Herb Society, with the aim of supporting the practice of herbal medicine in Britain.

The Herb Society aims to:

  • Increase the understanding and use of herbs for health and well-being
  • Provide information, knowledge and news on all aspects of herbs
  • Bring together all those with an interest in herbs, from the amateur to the professional
  • Provide a worldwide forum for the exchange of ideas and information

To find out more interesting facts about The Herb Society and how it can about take a look at out The Herb Society Information or visit their website.

At Herbal Apothecary we’re proud to partner with the Herb Society, helping to educate and promote the use of medicinal herbs.

Herb Society Corporate Member

The National Institure of Medical Herbalists

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists is the UK’s leading professional body of herbal practitioners. The Institute promotes the benefits, the efficacy and the safe use of herbal medicine. Their members treat thousands of patients every year. By choosing one of their members as your practitioner you can be confident of their high standards of training and professional conduct.

NIMH are proud of their heritage, and are just as excited about the future of herbal medicine. Plant based medicines that are tailored to individual needs, in-depth consultations where patients voices are heard, and a focus on treating causes rather than just symptoms mean that members of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists are playing their part in creating a better, healthier future for everyone.

At Herbal Apothecary we are delighted to partner with NIMH for the promotion and development of safe herbal medicines for everyone. We supply medicinal products to NIMH herbalists and are pleased to work with NIMH and its members on the development and supply of a wide range of high quality herbal tinctures, extracts, capsules and dried medicinal herbs.

Find out more on their website.

Friend of NIMH

Supporting our Sister Brands

Herbal Apothecary is part of Nature’s Laboratory Ltd. Alongisde our herbal medicines our team is involved in two other distinct brands. Firstly, a skincare brand founded by James’ daughter Cecily. And secondly a health supplement brand which researches and develops products based on propolis.

Sweet Cecily’s

Sweet Cecily’s is a pioneering natural skincare company specialising in the personal touch. Our unique formulas and flavours have been largely generated by suggestions made in forums on social media sites. We produce a range of creams and lip balms.

BeeVital Propolis

BeeVital are the world leaders in propolis research and product development. We use this expertise to develop and manufacture a variety of cutting edge natural medicines from the Beehive, which are designed to aid a wide range of common health complaints.

Propolis Liquid

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