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Tanacetum parthenium / Feverfew Herb Powder

Powdered Feverfew Herb.
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Product Description



Tanacetum parthenium, or feverfew as it is commonly known, is a flowering plant in the daisy family Asteraceae. It is a traditional medicinal herb which is commonly used to prevent migraine headaches, and is also occasionally grown for ornament. It is also commonly seen in the literature by its synonyms, Chrysanthemum parthenium and Pyrethrum parthenium. Other common names include Featherfew, featherfoil, flirtwort, bachelor’s buttons, bride’s buttons.

The plant is a herbaceous perennial that grows into a small bush up to 70 cm high with pungently-scented leaves.

Feverfew is native to Eurasia, specifically the Balkan Peninsula, Anatolia and the Caucasus, but cultivation has spread it around the world and it is now also found in the rest of Europe, North America and Chile.


Medicinal Action and Uses

Analgesic - FeverfewsAnalgesic and anti-inflammatory affects make it a successful treatment for migraines and headaches. With it said to act in a similar way as aspirin. It has also been used to treat menstrual discomforts and other aches and pains.

Anti-Inflammatory - Feverfew has also been used for relieving the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Antipyretic - Feverfew got its name from the traditional use for treating fevers by bringing down the temperature and help the fever to “break.”

Stomachic - The herb can be used to lessen stomach irritation, stimulate the appetite and to improve digestion.



Product is supplied in Resealable Foil Bags.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Common Name Feverfew Herb Powder
Weight 1.188000
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom


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