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Gentiana lutea / Gentian Root

Gentian Root
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Gentiana lutea / Gentian Root Tincture
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Gentiana lutea / Gentian Root Organic Tincture
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Gentiana lutea / Gentian Root Cut
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Gentiana lutea / Gentian Root Powder
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Product Description


Gentiana lutea (great yellow gentian) is a species of gentian native to the mountains of central and southern Europe. Other names include 'yellow gentian', 'bitter root', 'bitterwort', 'centiyane' and 'genciana'.

G. lutea is an herbaceous perennial plant which grows in grassy alpine and sub-alpine pastures, usually on calcareous soils.

It is believed to be native to Europe and is the largest species of the family. It is found in the southern and central mountainous regions of Europe from Spain to the Balkans.

G. lutea is remarkable for the intense bitterness of the root and every part of the herbage. Before the introduction of hops, gentian was used occasionally in brewing.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Common Name Gentian Root
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom


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