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Herbal Access

Herbal Apothecary have created a brand new scheme, designed to help more people access herbal medicine. We’re calling it Herbal Access.

Herbalists Can Claim Back a Proportion of Prescription Costs

Here’s how the scheme works:

  • A patient is recommended a course of treatment by a herbalist
  • The herbalist can choose to prescribe for free if it is evident that the patient requires financial assistance
  • The herbalist completes a claim form on our website, we validate the claim and issue a discount code* for our website
  • The herbalist can use the discount code against the cost of their next online order at Herbal Apothecary

We really hope that by making the claim process simple it will encourage lots of practitioners to offer this as an option to patients who need support.

We trust the scheme will be used fairly – we are not expecting herbalists to means-test their patients, just exercise some wise judgement.

Make a Claim

Making a claim is simple. Click the button below, then complete the short form. We may choose to validate your claim with the patient, so please ensure you include their email address in the form as directed. Once we’ve validated your claim we’ll email you your discount code. Simple!

Available to registered customers of Herbal Apothecary only. Click here to register with us.

Herbal Access is about Choice

We believe that people should be able to choose the healthcare which suits them. Our aim with Herbal Access is to give individuals the option to choose herbal remedies where they otherwise might be unafordable. Supported by Herbal Apothecary, practitioners will be able to help make herbal medicine a viable option for more people.

The Herbal Access scheme demonstrates our commitment to herbal medicine. We want to support practitioners and enable them to dispense quality herbal medicines to all who need them.

James Fearnley

We’re Committed to the Future of Herbal Medicine

In order for herbal medicine to continue to thrive, it’s vital that it can be accessed by as many people as possible. This is what we hope to achieve with Herbal Access.


Our team continues its commitment to ensuring our product safety and quality systems are to the highest standards. Experienced chemists, pharmacists, and herbal experts work on the analysis of the goods in our in-house laboratory.


At Herbal Apothecary we seek to produce natural medicines of the highest quality. We regularly conduct research with academic partners at world-leading universities, finding evidence for the products our practitioners use.

*discount codes will be emailed to practitioners once we have validated their claim by contacting the patient to confirm they received a free prescription. Discounts will only apply to orders over £50.

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