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Herbal Apothecary Manufacturing Technology

At Herbal Apothecary we are pushing the boundaries of herbal medicine manufacturing. Our commitment to research and out in-house design and technology expertise means that we can rapidly develop innovative solutions which solve tricky problems.

Hydro-Ethanolic Extraction

Our main liquid production process is called hydro-ethanolic extraction. We use a combination of pure ethanol and water which breaks down the cell structure of the plant material, allowing the chemical contained within to become suspended within the liquid. The alcohol also serves as a preservative, inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Depending on the type of plant material being processed different concentrations of alcohol are required. This can vary anywhere betwen 25% to 90%.

At the same time, the ratio of herb to liquid varies from tincture to tincture. It’s important that the plant material to water/alcohol ratio is appropriate for the liquid being produced to ensure optimum extraction of the key chemical compounds.

Herbal Medicine Research
We Test Our Products in our In-House Laboratory


Another area of expertise is encapsulation. We can encapsulate any powdered herb, and can even powder whole or cut herbs in-house when required. We’re able to offer encapsulation as a service – supplying either the emtpy capsules, the herbs or both depending on requirements.

Within our range of herbal capsules we do not use any fillers or additives – only 100% pure milled herb. This can either be a single herb, like ginger, or a combination like turmeric and black pepper. We are also able to formulate and produce more complex products, such as our ICF2 capsules.

In-House Testing, External Validation

Our laboratory contains a state of the art HPLC machine which can be used to test herbal medicines in a number of ways. We can identify total flavonoid content, for example, or pinpoint the exact concentration of a specific chemical within a finished product.

We work with external agencies, including our research partners at Bradford University, to validate our results and check for inconsistencies.

The Future

We’re working on some exciting projects which we hope will revolutionise herbal medicine manufacturing. By combining the latest developments in computing hardware and software with our own production vessel design, we hope to bring a level of standardisation and consistency to herbal medicines which would otherwise be impossible to achieve. We’ll share more about this as things progress.

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