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Verbascum thapsus flos / Mullein Flower Whole

Dried, Whole Mullein Flower.
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Product Description



Verbascum Thapsus, commonly called Great Mullein, Common Mullein, Mullein, Mullein Dock and Aaron’s Rod, is part of the Scrophulariaceae family. Mullein is native to Europe and North Africa and has been introduced in the Americas and Australia.

A hairy biennial plant, Mullein can grow to 2 m tall or more. Its small, yellow flowers are densely grouped on a tall stem, which grows from a large rosette of leaves. Preferring well lit, disturbed soil, it is a common weedy plant that spreads by prolifically producing seeds.

Both the leaves and flowers that are used medicinally.


Medicinal Action and Uses

Anti-Inflammatory - Mullein has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and emollient qualities and is used to help hest ailments including bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy and whooping cough.

Expectorant - Mullein Flowers have a long tradition of use to treat coughs and sore throats. This is due to their soothing qualities.

Topical Uses - Oil made from the flowers of the mullein plant is very commonly used to treat the pain and inflammation associated with earaches for children and adults alike. This is due to its emollient, antiseptic and astringent properties. The Oil is also used to ease the pain of swollen rheumatic joints.



Product is supplied in Resealable Foil Bags.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Common Name Mullein Flower Whole
Weight 1.188000
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom


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