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Organic Herbs and Herbal Products

We’re all aware of the importance of choosing organic where possible. Food grown without the use of chemicals is better for both the environment. It’s better for our bodies too! And there’s no difference when it comes to herbal medicine.

At Herbal Apothecary we produce a very wide range of herbal tinctures and fluid extracts. We also supply whole, cut and powdered herbs. Our organic range has been very limited over recent years. But we’re listening to both the needs of our customers.

We are seeking to respond to the wider ecological issues facing our environment. We are committing to increasing our range of organic products. Beginning with some of our more popular tinctures and extracts, we will add new organic products regularly over the coming months.

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Organic Seeds Being Sown

We are a Certified Organic Producer

We undergo regular inspections. These ensure that our systems and processes meet the requirements of certified producers. Our customers can be confident that our organic products meet all the statutory requirements.

We are committed to producing a wide range of herbal tinctures and fluid extracts. We’re working hard to keep these products affordable. We value the support of the practitioners who choose to buy their organic products from Herbal Apothecary.

James Fearnley, CEO

Why Choose Organic?

It’s Better for the Environment

Organic farming respects nature and improve the health of soils, water and air. It’s all about sustainability. It’s about working with nature. It’s about growing food in a way which is sustainable and protects ecosystems.

The Soil Association estimate that if Europe’s farmland went organic then emmissions of greenhouse gasses produced by agriculture could drop by upto 50% by 2050.

Organic farms limit the use of any imported resource. This means that organic growers optimise their farms based on what’s available locally. Organic farms work in harmony with nature. Specifically, this means that organic farms don’t use any artificial fertilisers. Instead they create fertile soils naturally. They do this by using compost and manure. They also implement methods like crop rotation to help keep soils healthy.

It’s Better for the Consumer

Organically grown crops join the dots between our own health and that of our environment. By choosing organic products, you are having a direct impact on the environment. You are supporting farmers who choose to operate within these principles. We think that’s worth paying a bit more for! But, that’s not all…

Pesticides are a key contributor to the decline of pollinator populations. They are responsible for driving down the numbers of pollinating insects. There are also strict rules governing the use of additives and preservatives in organic products. Organic agriculture opposes the use of GM crops. Herbal Apothecary do not use any GM crops.

Products produced without chemical fertilisers or pesticides are quantifiably better for you. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2014 found that organically produced crops contain upto 68% more antioxidants than standard varieties. Organic fruit and vegetables contain lower concentrations of pesticides and toxic heavy metals.

Bees are important pollinators – we depend on them for growing crops!

Bees are vital for pollinating organic crops
Bees are important pollinators – we depend on them for growing crops!

It’s Better for Wildlife

Because organic agriculture doesn’t use any chemical pesticides or fertilisers it is better for nature and wildlife. Farms run this way provide a haven for wildlife like bees, birds and butterflies. Studies have found that insect, plant and bird life is upto 50% more abundant on organic farmland. And there are upto 75% more bees on organic land too!

This increase in the quantity and diversity of wildlife is due to the lower use of pesticides and the eco-friendly way organic farms are managed. With more space given over to wildlife the health of the whole agricultural ecosystem improves. As a rule, water on organic farms is also far healthie. The nitrogen used in chemical fertilisers can deprive rivers and streams of vital oxygen. This isn’t a problem on organic farms, which in turn leads to healthier waterways.

It Promotes Better Animal Welfare Standards

Organic farming has the highest animal welfare standard of any international farming system. Animals are truly free-range, encouraged to forage, roam and graze in plenty of space. Of course, we don’t produce any animal products. But, by choosing organic herbs you’re supporting farms that may be producing higher-welfare organic meat alongside crops.

Choose Organic

Help protect the environment and repair delicate ecosystems. Improve the wellbeing of your patients. Use products which have been produced in harmony with nature.

Organic Herbal Tinctures and Fluid Extracts

At Herbal Apothecary we produce herbal medicines in the form of tincures and fluid extracts. We us a process called hydro-ethanolic percolation to create these products. A quantity of herb is combined with alcohol and water. A pump circulates the liquid through the herb at intervas. This agitates the herb and over time the biological matter within the plant’s cells to be broken down and extracted into the liquid.

By using organic herbs we are able to produce herbal tinctures and fluid extracts free from the chemical residues. Because organic herbs are not grown with the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides, these chemicals are not found in the harvested plant.

Whole, Cut and Powdered Herbs

Alongside our liquid products we also produce a range of whole, cut and powdered medicinal herbs. These herbs are commonly used in herbal teas or packaged into capsules. By choosing to opt for organic crops these produces are better for the patient, but lso much better for the environment. Organic methods protect the delicate ecosystems which are easily disturbed by intensive farming.

Our Aim

Ultimately we would love to see all of our standard products replaced with organic alternatives. However, there must be sufficient demand for organic products to make this feasible. One of the best things you can do if you’re frustrated by the lack of organic products in our range is to encourage others to buy organic products.

You can also help educate patients as to do the benefits of organically-grown crops and the benefits they bring to the environment. As demand for these products increases it will make it easier for more farmers to adopt chemical-free practices. In turn this will make these crops more readily available and potentially reducing the cost at the same time.

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