Western Herbs

Plants and herbs have a variety of different medicinal properties. They have been used as medicinal cures for thousands of years. Modern scientific research increasingly supports their effectiveness, and safety. Medical herbalists use plants of various kinds to treat illnesses such as joint pain. Skin conditions, circulatory issues, allergies and more are also treated using medicinal herbs. Western herbs are those which are traditionally used in western herbal medicine. We also stock Chinese Herbs and Ayurvedic Herbs.

We stock an extensive range of western herbs. They are available in various forms. These include whole herbs, cut herbs and powdered herbs. At Herbal Apothecary we also produce high quality herbal tinctures and fluid extracts. Many herbs are also available as capsules. This is a convenient way to store and prescribe herbal remedies.

Herbal medicines are generally selected to strengthe the body’s normal immune function. Unlike modern conventional medicines, herbal medicines contain many ingredients. As a result they support the body’s natural defenses in many ways at once.

Herbal Apothecary produce one of the largest ranges of herbal medicines in the UK. We source the best quality herbs from our trusted suppliers. Alongside our standard product range we also provide contract manufacturing services for herbal products. If you’d like to explore having a unique herbal product developed, please contact us.

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