Leonorus cardiaca / Motherwort Herb Tincture



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Tincture made by a process of hydro-ethanolic percolation, with a ratio of 1 part Motherwort Herb to 4 parts liquid. Liquid comprises of 75% water and 25% sugar beet derived ethanol.

Leonorus cardiaca, known as motherwort, is an herbaceous perennial plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae. Other common names include throw-wort, lion’s ear, and lion’s tail.

Motherwort is probably native to the southeastern part of Europe and central Asia where it has been cultivated since ancient times. Its natural habitat is beside roadsides, in vacant fields, waste ground, rubbish dumps and other disturbed areas. This plant prefers well drained soil and a partly shady location. Introduced to North America as a bee foraging plant and to attract bumble bees, this perennial herb is now considered invasive. It is hardy in USDA climate zones. It is now found worldwide, spread largely due to its use as a herbal remedy.


Medicinal Action and Uses

Antispasmodic – Motherwort is an excellent remedy for menstrual cramps.

Cardiovascular – For centuries, motherwort has been used as a medicinal plant to treat heart diseases.Motherwort is used to promote blood circulation, lower cholesterol, slow a too rapid heart rate, and relieve stress on the heart muscle.

Diuretic – The herb has diuretic properties and may inhibit artery calcification formation.

Emmenagogue – The herb regulates the menstrual cycle, and is a strong emmenagogue, helping to stimulate delayed periods.

Nervine – Motherwort is also one of the best tonic herbs for women, allaying nervous irritability and inducing quiet and passivity of the whole nervous system. The herb has traditionally been used as a remedy for stress and tension during the later stages of pregnancy and the birth and the postnatal period. Motherwort is thought to have a calming effect on the nervous system and could be an useful remedy for stress, panic attacks and anxiety.



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