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Lobelia inflata (Indian tobacco, puke weed) is a species of Lobelia native to eastern North America, from southeastern Canada (Nova Scotia to southeast Ontario) south through the eastern United States to Alabama and west to Kansas.

Lobelia inflata is an annual or biennial herbaceous plant. It has violet flowers that are tinted yellow on the inside, and usually appear in mid-summer and continue to bloom into Autumn

It is used medicinally in the present day; however, there are adverse effects that limit its use. Side effects can include sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors, rapid heartbeat, mental confusion, convulsions, hypothermia, coma, and possibly death.


Medicinal Action and Uses

Anti-anxiety – The herb has been used to ease anxiety and panic attacks.

Anti-smoking – Lobelia is often considered a herb that is useful for tobacco withdrawal and as a herbal remedy to quit smoking. The chemical Lobeline present naturally in the Lobelia plant is believed to have a similar chemical action to nicotine, which is the reasoning behind its use in tobacco withdrawal.

Antispasmodic – Lobelia inflata is a bronchodilator and antispasmodic which explains its popularity as a medicinal herb for asthma, spasmodic croup and pneumonia.

Emetic – Lobelia was historically used to induce vomiting. Hence the name ‘puke weed.’

Skin Complaints – A decoction can be applied externally to minor skin irritations, and to treat sprains, and bruising. The plant has been used traditionally as an herbal remedy for insect bites and stings.



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