Propolis in Oral Health Care


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Propolis in Oral Health Care

A practical guide to the uses of propolis in oral health care. The book’s authors are James Fearnley, CEO of Nature’s Laboratory and a founding directory of the International Propolis Research Group, along with Dr Philip Wander. Philip is founder of the British Homeopathic Dental Association.

Propolis – What Is It?

Propolis is effectively the bee colonies’ external immune defence mechanism. Honey bees collect resin from trees and plants and transform it in the hive adding wax to create propolis, an astonishingly versatile material which provides both structural support and a clinically sterile environment inside the hive. It has been used as a medicine by man since Egyptian times.

Recent research indicates that bees ‘know’ exactly what chemicals to collect to deal with the dominant environmental challenges they face in their area – the same challenges which human beings face in the same environment. For example bees in Savannah environments have been found to produce chemicals active against trypanosomes the critical element in Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness), a condition particularly prevalent in Africa.

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