Salix alba / White Willow Bark Organic Tincture



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Organic Tincture made by a process of hydro-ethanolic percolation, with a ratio of 1 part Organic White Willow Bak to 3 parts liquid. Liquid comprises of 75% water and 25% Organic sugar beet derived ethanol.

Salix alba (white willow) is a species of willow native to Europe and western and central Asia.  The name derives from the white tone to the undersides of the leaves.

It is a medium-sized to large deciduous tree growing up to 10–30 m tall, with a trunk up to 1 m diameter and an irregular, often-leaning crown. It is predominantly grown in Central and Southern Europe and Northern America.

White willows are fast-growing, but relatively short-lived, being susceptible to several diseases.


Medicinal Action and Uses

Analgesic – White willow is the original or natural Aspirin and has nearly the same indications as for its synthetic counterpart. This herb has been used for millennia for natural pain relief, reducing fever and inflammation. White willow bark is one of the herbs used for migraine and headache treatment.

Anti-Inflammatory – The use of white willow bark is also indicated for fibromyalgia, post surgical pain, Crohn’s disease, warts treatment and any condition characterized by pain and inflammation.

Skin Complaints – White willow can be used in skin and beauty treatments. It can be used to aid healing of sores, burns, or cuts.

Weight loss – Willow also used in weight loss formulations to enhance the actions of other herbs.



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