Scrophularia ningpoensis / XUAN SHEN / Chinese Figwort Root Cut


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Botanical Name – Scrophularia ningpoensis

Chinese Name – XUAN SHEN

English Name – Chinese Figwort Root

Scrophularia ningpoensis, commonly known as the Ningpo figwort or Chinese figwort, is a perennial plant of the family Scrophulariaceae (the figwort family). It reaches 1 m by 0.4 m.

This plant has been known to traditional Chinese medicine for as long as 2000 years.

This herb has beautiful pink to red blossoms that may look like small cups. The root of the Xuan Shen is the most widely used part of the plant for medicinal purposes.


Medicinal Action and Uses

Anti-Inflammatory – Xuan Shen is found to be an effective remedy to fight inflammation and can be beneficial for people who have arthritis and rheumatism. It is effective in relieving pain, redness and swelling of the joints as seen in osteoarthritis as well.

Febrifuge – Xuan Shen can also relieve fever that has an unknown origin.

Lymphatic – It is also known to treat lymphatic gland disorders such as swelling of the lymph glands and pain experienced within the glands. This herb is useful for people who have goiter and other nodules in the body.



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