Smilax officinalis / Sarsaparilla Root Tincture



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Tincture made by a process of hydro-ethanolic percolation, with a ratio of 1 part Sarsaparilla Root to 3 parts liquid. Liquid comprises of 55% water and 45% sugar beet derived ethanol.

Smilax officinalis, commonly known as Sarsasparilla root, Honduran sarsaparilla, and Jamaican sarsaparilla, is part of the Liliaceae family.

It is a perennial trailing vine native to Mexico and Central America. The prickly vine can grow up to 50 metres long and the berries are black-purple, purple-blue and red.

Smilax officinalis is used as the basis for a soft drink frequently called sarsaparilla. It is also a primary ingredient in old fashioned-style root beer


Medicinal Action and Uses

Anti-fungal – Sarsaparilla root contains saponins, which likely work by disabling bacterial components called endotoxins.

Anti-Inflammatory – Used in the treatment for gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

Diuretic – Sarsaparilla  is used for increasing urination in order to reduce fluid retention.

Topical – Due to its anti-inflammatory attributes, Sarsasparilla is commonly used to treat psoriasis and itchy, scaly skin conditions.



Product is supplied in amber PET bottles with tamper evident screw tops.

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