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Milled Mistletoe Leaf contained in size ‘0’ Vegetable Cellulose Capsules. Sold in Bags of 1000 Capsules.

Viscum album is a species of mistletoe in the family Santalaceae, commonly known as European mistletoe, common mistletoe or simply as mistletoe.

It is native to Europe and western and southern Asia.

Viscum album is a hemiparasite on several species of trees, from which it draws water and nutrients. It is commonly found in the crowns of broad-leaved trees, particularly apple, lime (linden), hawthorn and poplar.

It has a significant role in European mythology, legends, and customs. In modern times, it is commonly featured in Christmas decoration and symbology.


Medicinal Action and Uses

Analgesic – Traditional herbal medicine uses the herb as a natural treatment for arthritic pain and it is believed to be an effective external treatment for leucorrhoea, gout and sciatica.

Anti-Cancer – Research is currently being done to determine Viscums’ potential in cancer chemotherapy. Extracts of European mistletoe are sometimes used as a treatment for certain types of cancer.

Antihypertensive – Mistletoe is used by trained herbal practitioners to lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Antispasmodic – Mistletoe has a long history as an herbal treatment for delirium, hysteria and neuralgia. Historically it was used for treatment of epilepsy and other convulsive nervous disorders.

Expectorant – It has been used as a traditional herbal remedy for the treatment for cough, especially convulsive cough, bronchial asthma, and asthmatic attacks due to psychological tension.

Nervine – Herbal practitioners have used this herb as a treatment for urinary disorders, heart disease, and other symptoms arising from a weakened or disordered state of the nervous system.

Sedative – Mistletoe can be used as a herbal sleep aid.



Product is supplied in resealable clear bags.

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