With more than 30 years of experience, our Technical Team continues its commitment to ensuring our product safety and quality systems are to the highest standards.  Experienced chemists, pharmacists, and herbal experts work on the analysis of the goods in our modern in-house laboratory. We cooperate with certified external laboratories and exchange know-how with scientific institutions and specialist associations. Our continuous efforts on quality improvement and product development though inhouse as well as with our knowledge partners have helped us to keep pace with newly evolving market requirements.

HACCP controls, full batch traceability and positive release systems are in place to ensure compliance. We source and use only the best quality, practitioner-grade ingredients and our scientific team draw on insights from the latest herbal research and education to make our products. In past few years we have significantly improved our production facility for best and consistent quality production supported by in-house experts and testing laboratory. We have optimized our extraction process to make best use of the precious plant material. We have enhanced our production capacities to cater well with large quantity requirements by our practitioners and industrial contract customers and implemented measures to improve our stock control.

Our diverse product range of raw herbal material, liquid and solid dosage forms, natural skincare and BeeVital products have been much appreciated by our customer for many years as one stop solution for quality products requirement.

Product Specifications

All our ingredients are bought to agreed specifications and laboratory tested. Many of our product specifications are now available to download directly from herbalapothecaryuk.com. Look out for the links on each product page. Please note that this feature is available to registered customers only who are signed in to the website.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificates of analysis can be provided for every batch supplied. Please contact us with your request.

Policies & Statements

Allergen Policy Statement
Cruelty Free Statement
Ethical Trading Statement
Non-GM statement
Radiology Irradiation statement
TSE-BSE Statement
Vegetarian and Vegan Statements

Certificates & Accreditations

ISO 9001:2015 Standards Certificate
Organic Certificate

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