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Acorus calamus / Sweet Flag Root Powder

Powdered Sweet Flag Root
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Product Description



Acorus calamus, commonly known as sweet flag is a tall perennial wetland monocot of the Acoraceae family, in the genus Acorus.

Sweet Flag is native to India, central Asia, southern Russia and Siberia, and perhaps Eastern Europe. It also grows in China and Japan. It was introduced into Western Europe and North America for medicinal purposes. Habitats include edges of small lakes, ponds and rivers, marshes, swamps, and wetlands.


Medicinal Action and Uses

Anodyne - soothes and relieves pain (mainly toothache, sore gums and sore throat.)

Anti-Smoking - Chewing the rhizome kills the taste for tobacco.

Aphrodisiac - Arabic, Ancient Roman and traditional European herbals recommend it as an aphrodisiac which increases sexual desire.

Aromatic - stimulant and mild tonic, especially useful when struggling with a lack of energy.

Carminative - useful for digestive problems such as flatulence, bloating and colic.

Diaphoretic - promotes perspiration.

Emmenagogue - promotes menstruation.

Expectorant - promotes the flow of mucus from respiratory passages and makes tickly coughs productive. Also relieves sinusitis by acting on the mucous membranes.

Febrifuge -  reduces or eliminates fevers.

Hypotensive - helps to lower blood pressure.

Sedative - has a calming effect and can be used to treat panic and anxiety attacks, or for shock. 

Stomachic - remedy for digestive disorders; small doses reduce stomach acidity; larger doses increase stomach secretions. It also stimulates the salivary glands.



Product is supplied in Resealable Foil Bags.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Common Name Sweet Flag Root Powder
Weight 1.188000
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom


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