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Here at Herbal Apothecary, behind the scenes, we have an amazing team manufacturing, researching, developing products, and more.

In operations we have Hugo Fearnley, Sales Director, who has been with the company for a great number of years. Hugo has extensive knowledge of our products and works with existing and new customers to deliver great service and develop professional relationships so we can meet each client’s individual needs. Hugo has been a familiar, friendly and trustworthy face over the years to our customers who we’ve had the pleasure to do business with.

Jon Wells is operations manager, and oversees the day-to-day running of the factory, from purchasing to production planning, Jon has been with us for a number of years and has been a huge asset to our company’s operation.

Tom Cull recently joined us in 2021, Tom is our production and dispatch manager, Tom has a degree in civil engineering and is undergoing extensive production training and learning more about the business. Tom has already proved himself to be a valuable member of our team and continues to impress us.

Tom Cull

In our research and design department, we have Shankar Katekhaye. Shankar has been working with us for a number of years, he’s a highly qualified chemist with much experience and oversees quality control, research and the development of the product formulations. Shankar can help develop new products for clients, finding a formulation which works for everyone. Shankar works across not only Herbal Apothecary, but BeeVital and Sweet Cecily’s too, really utilising his skillset in driving forwards research and product development.

Our production team includes Sean Lennon, Andrew Burgess and Chris Buckley. The production team is responsible for producing our herbal fluid extracts and tinctures, alongside labelling and bottling products, they work hard to ensure we have enough of our products to supply to all of our new and existing clients! The production team is vital to our operations in Whitby, North Yorkshire. As is Richard Locker, who works in dispatch, and is one of the companies longest serving employees – Rich ensures all of our orders and processed and sent out on time.

If you’ve ever given us a call, you may have been greeted on the other end of the line by Angela Watts and Nikki Archer, both work in our sales office handling telephone enquiries, helping customers, answering their enquiries, processing orders and more.

Nikki Archer

If you’ve been on our website recently, you may have noticed our new herbal product calculator, developed in-house by director of online sales and company director Jack Barber. Jack has been working on innovative ways for us to move into future of herbal medicine. Our new product calculator allows customers to formulate their own tinctures, capsules and powder blends to their own specification. Jack has also been working on some of our production processes to make them more time and energy efficient by using artificial intelligence and computer systems. We’re always looking at ways to improve how we operate, hopefully creating a new and improved herbal future. Also working on our IT systems and websites is Caleb Wilson, maintaining our websites. He is a full-stack developer, tackling everything from front and back-end development to SEO and website performance.

Our CEO, James Fearnley, is also heavily involved in the running of the company. James works closely with our team to create new products, develop our research efforts and move the company forwards in a positive and innovative direction. You can find out more about James Fearnley here.

James Fearnley

Our board of directors is comprised of some of the names above, but also includes Anant Paradkar, professor of pharmaceutical engineering at the University of Bradford, who has extensive experience of medicines and has supervised 10 PhD and 45 MPharm candidates and published over 90 research papers. Currently, he is supervising/co-supervising 15 PhD students in various areas of research. Professor Paradkar works with Herbal Apothecary in developing new products, helping with funding opportunities, supporting our research efforts and more. Our board of directors is dedicated to the idea of creating a new herbal future, furthering research, supporting the herbal industry, creating innovative products and manufacturing processes and more.

With Herbal Apothecary operating from Nature’s Laboratory, we also work closely with our other brands, Sweet Cecily’s which produces natural skincare and BeeVital, our propolis brand, as a united front, this helps us come up with new innovations which can be implemented across the company, sharing expertise and creating healthy professional relationships. At the time of writing, we don’t have any job openings within the company, however do keep an eye on the ‘work with us’ section of our website where we’ll post any future job openings to the public.

Jack Barber

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