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Herbal Medicine Manufacturer


Herbal Apothecary supply a range of products used in herbal detox treatments. The build up of toxins within the body can cause various kinds of inflamation and imbalance. Herbal remedies can be used to treat these problems.

Our range of detox products include powdered, cut and whole herbs. We also supply a wide range of herbal capsules which are widely used in detox treatments. Some of these are single herbs or powders, others are a mixture, such as our range of ICF capsules.

Did you know Herbal Apothecary provides manufacturing services to medical herbalists? We’re able to supply our own products packaged for your brand. We can also produce your unique formulation and supply it in capsules or as a powder mix.

Unhealthy diets can have all kinds of negative effects on our bodies. Herbal detox treatments can be a great way to regain the normal balance of our digestive systems.


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