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Leading UK Herbal Medicine Manufacturer
Herbal Medicine Manufacturer

Contract Manufacturing

Herbal Apothecary supply one of the widest ranges of herbal medicines available in the UK. Most of the products we supply are manufactured by our team, at our base in Whitby, North Yorkshire. As well as producing our own range of products we also manufacture herbal medicines, cosmetics and pet products for other companies.

Contract Manufacturing & Packaging

Our Manufacturing Success Stories

Due to the nature of our contracts we’re not able to share the specific details of many of our manufacturing partnerships. However, the three short case-studies below serve as an introduction to the scope of our service.

Our manufacturing capability spans everything from bulk tincutures for companies who want to package and sell their own range, to pet supplements supplied in retail-ready packaging.

For a Leading Pet Supplement Brand

We produce a range of pet supplements for a long-established animal care company. Manufacturing to the client’s specifications, we label and package these products ready for retail sale – using packaging materials supplied by the client. This is an extensive contract, with Herbal Apothecary supplying several thousand units per year.

For a Leading Nutrition Clinic

Our white-label manufacturing service allows us to act as the manufacturing partner for anyone who wants to produce their own range of products. We manufacture herbal remedies for a leading nutrition clinic. Items are packaged for retail with labels designed for the client’s brand. We hold their stock and dispatch it to them as required.

Sweet Cecily's & BeeVital Propolis

Our own BeeVital Propolis and Sweet Cecily’s Skincare ranges are perhaps our best-known manufacturing successes. These products are designed for retail and our in-house quality team work hard to ensure they meet all manufacturing legislation. BeeVital & Sweet Cecily’s products are available from a number of physical outlets, as well as online.

Manufacturing Options

We offer the complete manufacture of natural products. Methods developed for our own specialist products are now available to you.

With custom manufacturing we can develop high quality products that meet your unique specifications.

Our Products, Your Brand

At Herbal Apothecary we have extensive knowledge and in-house manufacturing expertise. We produce one of the largest ranges of herbal tinctures in the UK as well as sourcing and supplying high quality raw herbs.

If you’re looking to create a range of high quality herbal products for your brand we can advise on suitable product ranges for your particular target market. We will support your business every step of the way.

Your Unique Formulation

If you have a requirement for a unique product, a new formulation or perhaps a tweak to one of our existing lines we can work with you. You may have a formulation recipe we can work from.  Or perhaps you would need us to work with you on product development. Either way, our team is able to advise and assist you through each step of the process.

From Sourcing Ingredients, to Labelling and Packaging

Herbal Apothecary provides a complete contract manufacture service.

We can undertake every step of the process – afterall, creating high quality herbal products is what we do every day of the week!

From our factory in Whitby we are able to source raw ingredients, process ingredients into quality products, label and package products according to both the legal requirements for such items and our clients’ graphic design requirements.

For more details about custom orders, please contact our sales team.