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Herbal Apothecary Ethos

Herbal Apothecary has always maintained a strong emphasis on our three core values.

Firstly, we want our products must be supported by strong scientific evidence. To that end, we have strong links with external research bodies. We also have a growing in-house research team. They are responsible for testing as well as formulating new products.

Secondly, our business is sustainable. This is not just about environmental sustainability. We know how important it is to develop strong and sustainable relationships. Sustainability is also impacts our financial decisions. These three combined ensure the long-term sustainability of our company.

Thirdly, Herbal Apothecary is committed to ensurring access to herbal practitioners and products. We produce products which allow practitioners to deliver the services their patients need. We want to ensure herbal medicine is available to all.


Reuniting Science and Nature through rigorous targeted research. Find out more.


Creating ecologically sustainable products and processes. Find out more.


Creating connections between practitioners and consumers, through products and services. Find out more.

Contract Manufacturing of Herbal Products

We offer the complete manufacture of natural products. Methods developed for our own specialist products are now available to you.

With custom manufacturing we can develop high quality products that meet your unique specifications.

For more details about custom orders, please contact our sales team.

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