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Herbal Medicine Manufacturer


Capsules are a convenient way to administer medicinal herbs and food supplements. At Herbal Apothecary we produce a wide range of herbal capsules. The capsules we use are size ‘0’, vegetable cellulose capsules. These are transparent, so the contents of the capsule are visible. Herbal Apothecary produce capsules for various kinds of herbs. This includes our extensive ranges of Western Herbs, Chinese Herbs and Ayurvedic Herbs. All of the whole and cut herbs we supply can be powdered and provided in capsule form. Our capsules contain a finely ground powder. This can either be a single herb or a combination of herbs, such as in our ICF2 capsules. Our capsules are available in various quantities – from pots of 100 capsules to bags of 1000 capsules.


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