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Nature’s laboratory Ltd is one of the UK's largest suppliers of herbal powders, capsules and tinctures for human and animal consumption. Nature's Laboratory has more than 20 years of research experience in herbal medicine and product development. Our research team has developed a private label pet care product range. Our pet care range includes single ingredient and multi-component products in various dosage forms such as powders, blended herb powder mix, capsules and tinctures.

Our Services

Multi-herb formulas

If you have any multi herb or multi component formula, we can help to contract manufacture tinctures, fluid extracts, capsules and cut or powder herb mix.

Specialised / targeted formulas

We can manufacture the products with specific target such as kidney support, liver support, Gastro-Intestinal support, immunity support, anxiety support and many more.

Herbs to be mixed with animal feed

Many of our herb as cut and/or powder are added to the feed by per and other animal owners.

Research and development

We have inhouse PhD level staff specialised in herbal medicine. We develop our own products as well as customer specific product development projects. Presently we are developing pet’s product for sensitive/itchy skin and product for painful ear. If you wish to develop your own product for any disease condition, get in touch with us.

Disclaimer: These are herbs which are available to purchase, however, we cannot provide guidance on the safety, dose or efficacy of herbs as supplements for animals of differing species. We would advise consulting a veterinarian for this information.”

Certifications: We are informed sports accredited and ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer. We supply to UK leading equine and pet care brands. We can prepare sample for the contract customer and freeze the batch of raw material to be used for larger batch production once customer approves the sample. Pick from the list of recommended powders and tinctures to make you own white label product.


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