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Herbal Medicine Manufacturer

Restricted Products

At Herbal Apothecary we produce a wide range of natural health products. Some of these are intended for use by qualified practitioners only and so we restrict access to them.

We have three levels of restriction, which are explained below.

Level 1

These are unrestricted products which anyone can buy. These include our cut, whole and powdered herbs, skincare products, BeeVital propolis products, packaging and more.

Level 2

These are available to qualified practitioners, manufacturers and retailers. These inclued our alcoholic tinctures and fluid extracts, as well as our bulk packs of herbal capsules and powder blends.

Level 3

These products are herbs listed under Schedule 20 - a list of herbs which are restricted by Goverment legislation. These products are only available to practitioners with the highest levels of qualification.

Pricing & 'Add to cart' Visibility

Only customers who have Level 2 or Level 3 access can see pricing for these products and add them the cart.